Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Christmas Carols set

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 8lb think it must be true now
Woke up: with terrible backache
Drugs consumed: yep, more painkillers
Walk to work: yes, rainy and miserable today
Gym-type exercise: 30 mins walk on the treadmill (285 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: Glass of red wine
Chocolate consumed: none (still!)
Other bad stuff: an Aero mousse and a bag of Frazzles (which I don't really even like!)

On my feet again today for a lot of the day, although not as much as yesterday. Don't know how Jane does it, day in day out. Hope you're having a nice holiday, Jane!

Hope you've seen our new Christmas Carols set. This must have really grabbed a few imaginations out there as sales have been fab already.

I'm particularly proud of this image as it was a kind of mash-up of three vintage pictures that I worked for a while on to create the perfect Patridge in a Pear Tree. I had the tree, some pears and the partridge and they've all come together to make this pretty picture, just love it!

For those who have bought the set, hope you can make masses of great cards with this one this year. And if you haven't, why not - it's good!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 8lb - might be true!
Woke up: ok I think today
Drugs consumed: loads today (painkillers only!)
Walk to work: walked home today
Gym-type exercise: none as we went to the pub tonight
Alcohol consumed: 2 bottles of Magners
Chocolate consumed: none (still!)
Other bad stuff: I can honestly say I've eaten nothing bad today (except the Magners)

Well the weight doesn't seem too bad - 3lbs less, but only what I thought it was a week ago, so even stevens I guess. Going in the right direction I'm pleased to say.

I feel absolutely knackered today. Jane who deals with all the incoming orders at MAC is on holiday this week and I didn't want to take anyone away from packing orders so I have the lovely job of seeing in the incoming stuff and putting it all away. My back's been killing me for 2 days and my right shoulder's aching.

I only sat down today for 10 minutes to have soup and bread and then I was back on my feet again to work.

My mind is full of what to do next, where everything goes and how to arrange it better, so forgive me for not coming up with any pictures or really having much enthusiasm. I'm yawning now and my eyes are half shut already.

I'm going to bed now, night night.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 7lb - can't be true!
Woke up: just about
Drugs consumed: plenty today (painkillers only!)
Walk to work: no, and not back either
Gym-type exercise: 30 mins on treadmill (285 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: bottle of strawberry cider (very nice)
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: a cream cake and 4 biscuits

Yep, can't quite believe the scales today. Tried them several times but they didn't budge. I'm a sceptic though - no celebration as I don't think it can be true. Look forward to the weigh-in tomorrow (I think).

The cream cake was because of a birthday at work, had to celebrate with her, right? And the biscuits were hotel biscuits brought home by Andy as he's been away this weekend with his dad. Shame to let them go to waste. Oh god, it's going to be bad tomorrow isn't it!?

This picture is from another piece of sheet music from 1930:-

Love the soft colours of this painting. I'm sure sheet music these days is pretty boring without lovely illustrated covers. If only they could try a bit harder...

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 10lb - no change there then
Woke up: not bad today
Drugs consumed: no, I've done today fairly pain-free
Walk to work: no, it's Sunday, Printable Heaven work from home
Gym-type exercise: 30 mins on treadmill (285 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: glass of red wine
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: a steak pie.

Slimming World taught me that pastry is bad stuff so I don't tend to touch it but I had a bad stomach this afternoon and when I finally got hungry, I kinda wanted some kind of comfort food so the pie fitted the bill.

I took the children for a walk today round our local creeks. Unfortunately it started raining after a while and we ended up completely soaked. The rain hasn't stopped since. The children are quite hardy though and didn't seem to mind, especially as we worked out harmonies for the Meatball song (Google this one if you don't know it)!

And as it's raining, it's apparent that the worms are out - apparent as the cats have had three in tonight, two of which were still wiggling (for a while anyway).

I'll have to add the day's pussy 'pressies' to the list above!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Beautiful Sheet Music

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 10lb Yep, always more at weekends
Woke up: too early for a Saturday
Drugs consumed: yes, painkillers to get me through the morning
Walk to work: nope, not that dedicated - it's Saturday
Gym-type exercise: 1hr 15mins of step aerobics - knackered today
Alcohol consumed: glass of red wine
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: well, some. Took the children to a new American diner and had a few of their curly fries and some milkshake.

I tell you, declaring publicly what you eat does wonders for your guilt. I think I've had chocolate at work most days for a while but since I've included that in the list here, I've not eaten any.

In the past it seems that much more effort was put into producing printed items like books, brochures and even sheet music. This is music from as long ago as 1899 - just lovely.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Another Golly

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 9lb Nearly what I thought I was at the start of the week
Woke up: in pain after terrible night's sleep
Drugs consumed: painkillers to get me through the night
Walk to work: yes (40 mins)
Gym-type exercise: Unlikely as I'm going to a quiz tonight
Alcohol consumed: none yet but going to quiz with 2 bottles of cider
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: 3 mini blueberry muffins at work today and homemade banana bread just now (but that's quite healthy!)

My weight always seems to go up over the weekend so I'm not looking forward to the next couple of days. Better next week (hopefully).

I found a couple more Golly pictures last night, one's shown below:-

This one's an old add for Roberton's Bramble Seedless jam.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Weight: 10st 10lb Still true!
Woke up: fine and dandy this morning
Drugs consumed: no painkillers at all
Walk to work: no, but I walked home (40 mins)
Gym-type exercise: Half hour on treadmill (275 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: Bottle of Crabbies (alcoholic ginger beer - delicious!)
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: paragon of virtue today

Well, the weight's still the same today but I'm trying hard to be good. No particular bad stuff today, except the Crabbies of course! Tastes so good though (and on special at Asda this week).

I found this picture the other day, just love it!

This is from a 1938 book strangely entitled Fashion is Spinach.

Love the picture but can't think what kind of themed set this might fit into...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New set and OMG (still!)

Weight: 10st 10lb Still OMG!
Woke up: in pain all over
Drugs consumed: lots of painkillers
Walk to work: yes, 40 minutes in lovely sunshine
Gym-type exercise: Half hour on treadmill (270 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: Glass of red wine (still drinking it)
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: 4 digestives at father-in-law's after work and Aero mousse

Well it's true - the scales must have lied 2 days ago. On the plus side it's a pound less than yesterday but 3lbs more than I thought. I don't think I'd have admitted it on Monday if I'd realised I weighed that much. Writing it here has kinda kept me on the straight and narrow so I'll keep with it.

Still running round the warehouse at MAC doing orders today so more calories burned there.

We've got a new set on Printable Heaven tonight. I didn't do this one, Andy did. Must say I was a little sceptical when he said he'd do a set but I'm actually a little envious 'cos it's good!

He's even made cards to go with it tonight.

Didn't think he was that creative but you've got to admit it looks good.

I'd like to think I could retire now but I'd only be bored. Loads more creativity left in me yet! My next one is Christmas Carols and it looks like I'll have to up the bar now!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Not good.

Weight: 10st 11lb OMG!
Woke up: with a backache
Drugs consumed: Solpadine for backache
Walk to work: yes, 40 minutes
Gym-type exercise: none today - yet
Alcohol consumed: 2 bottles of Magners - been to the pub tonight
Chocolate consumed: none
Other sins: a few nibbles of Stilton before tea but pretty good otherwise

Oh my God! I said I'd be honest so I can't lie about this one. The scales told me I was 3lbs more than yesterday. How can this be? Were they lying today or even worse, were they lying yesterday?

Have been good with food, no chocolate, no bad stuff and pretty true to the Slimming World guidelines. Must try harder.

Little time to work on new Printable Heaven sets today, or even my normal Mad about Cards work (new products) as I've been packing orders all day. Good problem for MAC (but bad for customers) - we have so many orders we're struggling to keep up. 25p sale much more successful than it's ever been before.

We've had so many customers emailing to see where their order is that our two customer services ladies have been answering them full time which means they haven't been able to pack orders which makes the situation even worse.

Keep ploughing on, that's all we can do. 2 new staff have done little to help....

On the plus side, walking round the warehouse all day must have burnt a few calories.....

Monday, 20 September 2010


Like many of us I struggle with my weight. Before children I was fairly slim - I'm 5'7" and was always 10st. When I was pregnant with our youngest (who's now 9) I was diagnosed with an over-active thyroid, not great when you're pregnant, and I went down to 9st. Fantastic - but I was pregnant and it was all going the wrong way.

Today, I'd love to have that thyroid condition back! Because I could eat anything back then, I got into bad food habits and my weight crept upwards, long after the thyroid condition was resolved. Upwards to 12st 6lb. Shocking for me and I hate to admit that but I'm writing this to shame myself into keeping my weight down for good.

A couple of years ago I decided to lose weight so I went with my friend Julie to Slimming World. It all worked well and I went down to 10st 5lb. At that point I wasn't really losing much so I decided to go it alone after that and I got down to an absolutely fab 9st 6lb. Felt great, looked good, loved buying new sexy clothes etc. etc.

But now, 2 years on, it's crept back up to 10st 8lb. I don't like to admit that but I'm trying to be really honest with myself so I can keep it all in check. So, in true Bridget Jones style, this is today's statistics:-

Weight: 10st 8lb
Walk to work: yes, 40 minutes
Gym-type exercise: walk on treadmill for 30 mins (269 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: none - yet anyway
Chocolate consumed: none
Other sins: Aero mousse but good other than that

I'll do my best to be honest for my own sake and hopefully I'll lose a few pounds again. My muffin top is back and it's horrible. 6-pack here we come (maybe)!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I want to ride by bicycle, I want to ride my bike.... the words of the Queen song.

Before today I hadn't been on my bike in a couple of years and Andy hadn't been on his for 13 years, he reckons! But, as our 9 year old daughter kept asking to go out on a bike ride with us, we finally did it.

We managed around 5 miles and I feel good! I guess I'm fairly fit anyway as I go on the treadmill every day and walk to work (40 minute walk) most days.

Need to do more though, as I had a scary encounter with the bathroom scales this morning, hence the enthusiasm for the bike ride!

This is a nice little early 20th century piccy on the subject of bikes.....

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Shoes from the past

I've seen some lovely old catalogues recently for all sorts of goods. They seemed to try so much harder in the past to make their catalogues look nice. I guess I mean that they were illustrated, ie had paintings/drawings in them rather than photos.

My friend's boyfriend showed me an original brochure for his 1948 Chrysler a while back and it was, quite frankly, beautiful. I don't think I would consider a modern-day car brochure in the same way.

This picture is the cover of an 1896 shoe catalogue:-

I guess a modern-day shoe catalogue would actually have a picture of shoes on it, but nonetheless it's pretty!

Some of the boots:-

Action picture of boots:-

These are pretty!

I'd like some of these:-

I'd love to have some truly vintage shoes. Along with old books, it's always something I look at in charity shops. Chocolate, wine and shoes. True love!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

And a mouse....!

It was another mouse this morning. Our Lily-puss was throwing it around our bedroom at 6.30 this morning, bless her. When Scarlet got wind, she stole it from Lily and started throwing it round herself.

Honestly, how can throwing around a dead mouse possibly be fun? It was when I heard them crunching the bones that I took action. Just gross!

More later....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


If you've read previous posts you'll know that we have 4 cats, more by accident than design. We have an old girl, Tabatha, who is 17 and completely deaf, Lily who is 2, Scarlet who is just over a year and her kitten Fluffy who is 5 months.

Because all the little 'presents' that we've had have arrived in the last year or so I suspect it's Scarlet and Fluffy who are bringing them in/doing them. Not only regular wee wees on the doormat but all manner of creatures have been brought in other than just mice and birds (our older cat's regular contributions!)

The thing this week has been worms - not had these before. All dead and drying out by the time we see them. The first one looked just like a bit of shoelace or something so I didn't take much notice. Since then, two more. Shrivelled, brown and horrible.

They stayed where they were for a few days as neither Andy, I or the children wanted to get rid of them. Perhaps not quite as repulsive as the mega caterpillars and the minging rat but an unwelcome contribution nonetheless.

What could they possibly bring in next?

Monday, 13 September 2010

More ads

Despite masses of work to do at Mad about Cards, I'm just putting the finishing touches on a new set for Printable Heaven - and this time it's NOT a vintage set. More on that in a day or two.

I've put aside this evening to make cards for the new set - hopefully I won't get distracted by this, that and the other as I usually do. Saying that, the new series of The Inbetweeners starts tonight, must watch that one.

I went to see The Rocky Horror show at the weekend. It must be the 6th time I've seen it, just love it. Think it's more risque than ever - but perhaps I'm just getting old!

As a bit of a contrast to the frivolities of Rocky Horror, I've picked some cute ads to show here.

And this one:-

Very cute!

Friday, 10 September 2010

More lovely ads

This is a beautiful pic - love the Art Deco detailing on the corners.

And this one too:-

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vintage Advertising

We've had so much to do at Mad about Cards that I've had little time to myself for the last few days. Not that I don't like to be busy but it leaves me pretty drained and uninspired for writing the blog unfortunately.

This evening I've managed to get back to Printable Heaven work which, to be honest, I prefer. There's nothing much creative in setting up new products, photographing etc but the Printable Heaven stuff gets me thinking about all the stuff I love - design, history, art and more.

I've been looking around tonight for something inspiring to include here and I found a large resource of vintage advertising that I hadn't come across before. Love it. Vintage advertising was one of my first interests (until I discovered how expensive it would be to collect the originals!) and I still love a good old ad.

This image is the cover of a 1920s cookbook (not strictly an ad but great nonetheless) - love the style. And this one speaks for itself:-

I'm not sure that many of the ads I've seen will translate into interesting greeting card embellishments but they will make great postcards and prints.

I'm gonna keep rummaging through and see what other little gems I find ....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


We came back from Bournemouth just after lunch having seen our Docrafts chums yesterday and this morning. And yes, we got our nice dinner last night, thanks boys!

Oh, and yes, we bought lots of lovely goodies for Mad about Cards - keep an eye on that one!

I fiddled around on Facebook this evening. I've been on it for some time but have never posted anything, didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had for tea (salmon by the way!).

That's 2 things now - blog and Facebook to try and be witty and interesting for! God, that's hard. I usually only do witty on a Friday, morose and boring the rest of the week - just going off to practise now!!!!

Monday, 6 September 2010


Monday morning and we're just off to Bournemouth to visit Design Objectives, something we do every 3 months or so.

They show us lots of lovely goodies and we spend lots of money. In return they buy us dinner (hopefully if anyone there is reading this!) and put us up for the night in a hotel. Should be good.

Tends to give us time to think whilst we're in the car on the way down there and we often come up with ideas, not all of them good ones!

Won't be posting tonight but should be able to do so tomorrow. Hope the weather stays nice (for our regular drive around the rich pads in Sandbanks)!

Saturday, 4 September 2010


It's been a really busy couple of days here - I felt like superwoman on Thursday! I worked all day long from 9 in the morning until 11.30 at night with only a few short breaks for dinner and to collect the car from the garage.

Not only did we get the Mad about Cards 25p sale up and running but I also finished off the Christmas ladies set, made the cards and got it all live on Printable Heaven. Proud of my achievements I was (does that sound like Yoda?!) but I flagged on Friday afternoon and went home early!

Drank champagne Friday night as it was our wedding anniversary (11 years). It's been in the fridge since my birthday in July but we couldn't think of anything to celebrate before yesterday. Love champagne.

Anyway, I digress. I was thinking about Golliwogs as it seems that most of the 1930s children's book that I have feature one in some form in the pictures. The jury's out on whether they are offensive or not.

We certainly had a golly in the house when I grew up, don't think it was mine but I remember it (I have a brother and two sisters). We also collected the little figurines and badges that you got by collecting the tokens on Robertsons jam. I think they're worth a bit now, shame I haven't got one any more!

I never remember comparing them to any of my black friends in any way, it was just another toy. Never occurred to me at all, as I'm sure it never occurred to other children.

I wonder what was in the mind of their creator, Florence Upton, when she created them in the 1890s. I've just looked them up on Wikipedia to get the whole story - apparently she drew her first gollies after being inspired by a black-faced minstrel doll she found in her aunt's attic. She was only a teenager at the time and who knows whether she viewed her creation as any kind of racial slur or whether it was just a drawing, just a design.

Whatever was in her head, the golliwog continues to be a source of debate. Political correctness gone mad or well-placed? I can't decide.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Flying visit

Not much time to post today, so many things to do!

Aside from our eldest starting secondary school tomorrow (OMG!) I have masses of new products to work on for Mad about Cards as well as the finishing touches to do on a new Printable Heaven set. Just making the cards now, love this one!

PERHAPS by Friday we'll be able to get this new one on, another delicious Christmas set with images that I adore. Will keep you posted on that one.