Beautiful Art Nouveau Designs

I call these designs Art Nouveau in the title although really they're a little late to be truly Art Nouveau.

These wonderful pictures come from a 1917 design book and they're truly scrumptious - and, as far as I can tell, out of copyright.

The central illustration in this last picture looks like something out of Dr. Who!

I'll have to try and think of how to use these - and there are loads more too including some nice posters (I just LOVE vintage posters!).


  1. Hi Sandie - these are truly wonderful - can't wait to see what you come up using them - I can already feel another card (or several) coming on
    Lyn (Buckley)

  2. Could you tell us the title and persons name, publishers name, etc, on the book? I'd love to find this myself.

  3. It's taken me ages to find this! When someone (you?) asked before, I looked for ages then and just couldn't remember what the book was called. I've finally found it again - it's called Strong's Book of Designs (hardly a memorable title!). x

  4. Hay, it can be found at



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