MAC Stuff

I've been working on Mad about Cards stuff for the last day or two so I've had little time to get on with downloadables for Printable Heaven.

New Docrafts promo due in tomorrow and that's always loads of work, keeps me busy for a few days. There's some lush stuff in there, haven't seen it in the flesh yet but the pics look good.

It's only tonight I've got back onto the downloadable side of things but I've managed to make some progress on our next set. No sneak previews yet though as I've been known to change my mind at the last minute and go with something else completely! Woman's prerogative.

My cats having been driving me mad over the last few days. Following the rat incident, we've had a couple of very large caterpillars in as well, one of which had been chewed and had spilled its green blood all over the carpet and up the side of a beige fabric chair. That was nothing though compared to the peeing! One of them keeps doing it on the doormat even though there's a litter tray 3 feet away. Thought it was Fluffy's mummy Scarlet who was the culprit but I'm beginning to suspect it's our old moany cat Tabatha as she boldly walked into our garage (where we work) and promptly weed on the floor in full view! She's 17 and deaf as a post. Because she's deaf she meows incredibly loudly and at the most inappropriate times (3 in the morning).

Don't know what to do about the doormat thing. We've tried everything and nothing has worked, only shifted the problem further up the hall. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!