Didn't post yesterday as we ended up going to the pub last night for a cider or two with the 2 'Chinese' Gobles that are over at the moment - my sister in law Debbie and nephew. Andy's brother is currently working in Shanghai for HSBC so he's out there with his wife and two grown up sons. Hello Debbie if you're reading (told her to take a look!)

I'm still a little traumatised today after find a dead rat in our spare bedroom. Andy had said there was a smell in there and I had vaguely noticed it the day before but it didn't seem like much - have 4 cats I'm pretty used to the occasional pussy present in a corner somewhere so the odd smell doesn't always bother me too much.

But Andy's sense of smell is bad so if he smells something, there must be something to smell! I went to the spare bedroom to investigate, looked under the bed and moved a couple of things but nothing.

Then I pulled out a foam flop-out chair bed that's in there. I'm not one to scream but what I saw freaked me out. 4-5 inch rat squashed in between the chair and the wall - it was actually stuck to the wall and started to flop down with the chair out of the way. Absolutely gross. The image is still with me today and I'm sure still will be for days yet.

I won't post a picture of that one!