Scout Camp

My son came back from Scout camp yesterday, absolutely full of it and filthy from head to foot! He said he ran out of t-shirts so he'd just started wearing the same ones again, dirt and all. No doubt he 'recycled' his pants as well!

I'm so glad he enjoyed it, could have gone either way as he was there with another troop. Only 3 of them from his troop went so they teamed up with another. I think he had such a good time with them that he'll be joining them in September.

Wish I'd done stuff like that when I was young but rather than the outdoor stuff I tended to be indoors making stuff. Nothing's changed then!


  1. You are right to value 'stuff like that' - You can't buy it, but I am pleased you value it! Your soon is learning a lot more than just being outdoors.


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