Vintage Cookery

Monday morning, almost sunny. Not a bad night's sleep last night, kitten only landed on me once and she didn't get much attention so quickly disappeared.

Now that it's more than half way through August, you'll not be surprised to learn that most of our new Printable Heaven sets from now on will be on one subject - Christmas!

Love it or hate it, you can't get away from it. Won't be too surprised to see the Crimbo stuff appearing in the shops soon (if it hasn't already) although I might be a little taken aback at this point if anyone starts playing the seasonal stuff over their tannoy!

I've been looking for Christmas food images to use in a Christmas recipe set. Not having too much luck at the moment but I have come across lots of cakes (will save these for next year). Here's one of them:-

This is another picture from Janet Mckenzie Hill's cookbooks, the same lady who wrote the chocolate recipes used in our Luxury Chocolate recipes set.

Here's another:-

Can't wait to get working with these but I feel I should do the Christmas thing first ......