Another Golly

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 9lb Nearly what I thought I was at the start of the week
Woke up: in pain after terrible night's sleep
Drugs consumed: painkillers to get me through the night
Walk to work: yes (40 mins)
Gym-type exercise: Unlikely as I'm going to a quiz tonight
Alcohol consumed: none yet but going to quiz with 2 bottles of cider
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: 3 mini blueberry muffins at work today and homemade banana bread just now (but that's quite healthy!)

My weight always seems to go up over the weekend so I'm not looking forward to the next couple of days. Better next week (hopefully).

I found a couple more Golly pictures last night, one's shown below:-

This one's an old add for Roberton's Bramble Seedless jam.