Like many of us I struggle with my weight. Before children I was fairly slim - I'm 5'7" and was always 10st. When I was pregnant with our youngest (who's now 9) I was diagnosed with an over-active thyroid, not great when you're pregnant, and I went down to 9st. Fantastic - but I was pregnant and it was all going the wrong way.

Today, I'd love to have that thyroid condition back! Because I could eat anything back then, I got into bad food habits and my weight crept upwards, long after the thyroid condition was resolved. Upwards to 12st 6lb. Shocking for me and I hate to admit that but I'm writing this to shame myself into keeping my weight down for good.

A couple of years ago I decided to lose weight so I went with my friend Julie to Slimming World. It all worked well and I went down to 10st 5lb. At that point I wasn't really losing much so I decided to go it alone after that and I got down to an absolutely fab 9st 6lb. Felt great, looked good, loved buying new sexy clothes etc. etc.

But now, 2 years on, it's crept back up to 10st 8lb. I don't like to admit that but I'm trying to be really honest with myself so I can keep it all in check. So, in true Bridget Jones style, this is today's statistics:-

Weight: 10st 8lb
Walk to work: yes, 40 minutes
Gym-type exercise: walk on treadmill for 30 mins (269 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: none - yet anyway
Chocolate consumed: none
Other sins: Aero mousse but good other than that

I'll do my best to be honest for my own sake and hopefully I'll lose a few pounds again. My muffin top is back and it's horrible. 6-pack here we come (maybe)!