Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 7lb - can't be true!
Woke up: just about
Drugs consumed: plenty today (painkillers only!)
Walk to work: no, and not back either
Gym-type exercise: 30 mins on treadmill (285 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: bottle of strawberry cider (very nice)
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: a cream cake and 4 biscuits

Yep, can't quite believe the scales today. Tried them several times but they didn't budge. I'm a sceptic though - no celebration as I don't think it can be true. Look forward to the weigh-in tomorrow (I think).

The cream cake was because of a birthday at work, had to celebrate with her, right? And the biscuits were hotel biscuits brought home by Andy as he's been away this weekend with his dad. Shame to let them go to waste. Oh god, it's going to be bad tomorrow isn't it!?

This picture is from another piece of sheet music from 1930:-

Love the soft colours of this painting. I'm sure sheet music these days is pretty boring without lovely illustrated covers. If only they could try a bit harder...