New Christmas Carols set

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 8lb think it must be true now
Woke up: with terrible backache
Drugs consumed: yep, more painkillers
Walk to work: yes, rainy and miserable today
Gym-type exercise: 30 mins walk on the treadmill (285 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: Glass of red wine
Chocolate consumed: none (still!)
Other bad stuff: an Aero mousse and a bag of Frazzles (which I don't really even like!)

On my feet again today for a lot of the day, although not as much as yesterday. Don't know how Jane does it, day in day out. Hope you're having a nice holiday, Jane!

Hope you've seen our new Christmas Carols set. This must have really grabbed a few imaginations out there as sales have been fab already.

I'm particularly proud of this image as it was a kind of mash-up of three vintage pictures that I worked for a while on to create the perfect Patridge in a Pear Tree. I had the tree, some pears and the partridge and they've all come together to make this pretty picture, just love it!

For those who have bought the set, hope you can make masses of great cards with this one this year. And if you haven't, why not - it's good!