Not good.

Weight: 10st 11lb OMG!
Woke up: with a backache
Drugs consumed: Solpadine for backache
Walk to work: yes, 40 minutes
Gym-type exercise: none today - yet
Alcohol consumed: 2 bottles of Magners - been to the pub tonight
Chocolate consumed: none
Other sins: a few nibbles of Stilton before tea but pretty good otherwise

Oh my God! I said I'd be honest so I can't lie about this one. The scales told me I was 3lbs more than yesterday. How can this be? Were they lying today or even worse, were they lying yesterday?

Have been good with food, no chocolate, no bad stuff and pretty true to the Slimming World guidelines. Must try harder.

Little time to work on new Printable Heaven sets today, or even my normal Mad about Cards work (new products) as I've been packing orders all day. Good problem for MAC (but bad for customers) - we have so many orders we're struggling to keep up. 25p sale much more successful than it's ever been before.

We've had so many customers emailing to see where their order is that our two customer services ladies have been answering them full time which means they haven't been able to pack orders which makes the situation even worse.

Keep ploughing on, that's all we can do. 2 new staff have done little to help....

On the plus side, walking round the warehouse all day must have burnt a few calories.....