Shoes from the past

I've seen some lovely old catalogues recently for all sorts of goods. They seemed to try so much harder in the past to make their catalogues look nice. I guess I mean that they were illustrated, ie had paintings/drawings in them rather than photos.

My friend's boyfriend showed me an original brochure for his 1948 Chrysler a while back and it was, quite frankly, beautiful. I don't think I would consider a modern-day car brochure in the same way.

This picture is the cover of an 1896 shoe catalogue:-

I guess a modern-day shoe catalogue would actually have a picture of shoes on it, but nonetheless it's pretty!

Some of the boots:-

Action picture of boots:-

These are pretty!

I'd like some of these:-

I'd love to have some truly vintage shoes. Along with old books, it's always something I look at in charity shops. Chocolate, wine and shoes. True love!