Weight: 10st 10lb Still true!
Woke up: fine and dandy this morning
Drugs consumed: no painkillers at all
Walk to work: no, but I walked home (40 mins)
Gym-type exercise: Half hour on treadmill (275 calories burned)
Alcohol consumed: Bottle of Crabbies (alcoholic ginger beer - delicious!)
Chocolate consumed: none
Other bad stuff: paragon of virtue today

Well, the weight's still the same today but I'm trying hard to be good. No particular bad stuff today, except the Crabbies of course! Tastes so good though (and on special at Asda this week).

I found this picture the other day, just love it!

This is from a 1938 book strangely entitled Fashion is Spinach.

Love the picture but can't think what kind of themed set this might fit into...