Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 8lb - might be true!
Woke up: ok I think today
Drugs consumed: loads today (painkillers only!)
Walk to work: walked home today
Gym-type exercise: none as we went to the pub tonight
Alcohol consumed: 2 bottles of Magners
Chocolate consumed: none (still!)
Other bad stuff: I can honestly say I've eaten nothing bad today (except the Magners)

Well the weight doesn't seem too bad - 3lbs less, but only what I thought it was a week ago, so even stevens I guess. Going in the right direction I'm pleased to say.

I feel absolutely knackered today. Jane who deals with all the incoming orders at MAC is on holiday this week and I didn't want to take anyone away from packing orders so I have the lovely job of seeing in the incoming stuff and putting it all away. My back's been killing me for 2 days and my right shoulder's aching.

I only sat down today for 10 minutes to have soup and bread and then I was back on my feet again to work.

My mind is full of what to do next, where everything goes and how to arrange it better, so forgive me for not coming up with any pictures or really having much enthusiasm. I'm yawning now and my eyes are half shut already.

I'm going to bed now, night night.