Vintage Advertising

We've had so much to do at Mad about Cards that I've had little time to myself for the last few days. Not that I don't like to be busy but it leaves me pretty drained and uninspired for writing the blog unfortunately.

This evening I've managed to get back to Printable Heaven work which, to be honest, I prefer. There's nothing much creative in setting up new products, photographing etc but the Printable Heaven stuff gets me thinking about all the stuff I love - design, history, art and more.

I've been looking around tonight for something inspiring to include here and I found a large resource of vintage advertising that I hadn't come across before. Love it. Vintage advertising was one of my first interests (until I discovered how expensive it would be to collect the originals!) and I still love a good old ad.

This image is the cover of a 1920s cookbook (not strictly an ad but great nonetheless) - love the style. And this one speaks for itself:-

I'm not sure that many of the ads I've seen will translate into interesting greeting card embellishments but they will make great postcards and prints.

I'm gonna keep rummaging through and see what other little gems I find ....