If you've read previous posts you'll know that we have 4 cats, more by accident than design. We have an old girl, Tabatha, who is 17 and completely deaf, Lily who is 2, Scarlet who is just over a year and her kitten Fluffy who is 5 months.

Because all the little 'presents' that we've had have arrived in the last year or so I suspect it's Scarlet and Fluffy who are bringing them in/doing them. Not only regular wee wees on the doormat but all manner of creatures have been brought in other than just mice and birds (our older cat's regular contributions!)

The thing this week has been worms - not had these before. All dead and drying out by the time we see them. The first one looked just like a bit of shoelace or something so I didn't take much notice. Since then, two more. Shrivelled, brown and horrible.

They stayed where they were for a few days as neither Andy, I or the children wanted to get rid of them. Perhaps not quite as repulsive as the mega caterpillars and the minging rat but an unwelcome contribution nonetheless.

What could they possibly bring in next?