Anniversaries and Love

Tonight is our last night out in a run of 5 - I'm 2lbs fatter (10st 9lb) and am starting to feel quite exhausted. Bed early tomorrow (maybe!)

Tonight's outing is for a meal to celebrate Andy's brother and sister-in-law's 25th wedding anniversary. They are back from China especially!

With this in mind I had a look for some love-related pics to show for the occasion.

This picture is by Jessie Willcox-Smith (one of my favourites) from a book called The Seven Ages of Childhood (lovely pictures in this book).

The book follows a girl from babyhood to young adulthood, this image being the last in the book - the 'falling in love' picture which seems quite appropriate!

These pics are from a book called the Lover's Mother Goose:-

True love

Frosty moment!

Sneaky kiss:-

Congratulations Les and Debbie, have a great night tonight!