Lovely cakes

You don't often regret the things you do in life, just the things you don't. I heard this years ago and how true it was this weekend. It seems that I not only recycle lovely old pictures but also lovely old friends!

A chance meeting with a blast from the past on Friday led to reunion Sunday that I'd known nothing about as no-one had been able to find me. I'd not seen any of them for 25 years (since I was 19 in case you're wondering!) and there they all were. I'd been in two minds whether to go or not but I did and it was amazing.

But I digress as usual. I haven't weighed myself for days so no update there. Will try to remember in the morning and do the whole Bridget Jones thing tomorrow.

I've been working on recipes for a Christmas set and have found lots of great foody pictures, mostly nothing to do with Christmas may I add. This one's probably my favourite:-

This luscious-looking choccy cake comes from a 1908 recipe book that I'm lucky enough to own. Here's another from the same book:-

I wouldn't have imagined that a book that's over 100 years old would have gorgeous goodies like this in it. It also has instructions on how to cook doughnuts, waffles, chicken croquettes and chips. Nothing much changes, does it!