Ready for Winter

I've had a manic few days - you know how sometimes there's nothing going on and then other times you have several days booked up? Well this weekend was one of those times. Out 5 nights in a row, Tuesday being our last day of the 5.

It would be much too scary to weigh myself at the moment although I've tried to pick the healthy stuff off the menus from the last few days.

It's been hard to fit in work and pleasure but we have managed to get out Christmas Recipe set live today, hope you like it. The recipes have been really popular in the past - great for school and craft fairs.

We have a few more Christmas sets in the pipelines yet which are great, but I can't wait to get back to some of the everyday stuff. I've some lovely fashion and ladies sets waiting to happen, all containing great vintage images.

These pictures are from the Eaton's Fall and Winter Catalogue for 1920 - 1921:-

I love these stylish ladies. It's almost a shame that catalogues are full of photos these days rather than beautifully drawn illustrations such as these. And isn't it funny how the fashions go round - these lovely coats wouldn't look out of place today!