Height 5'7"
Weight: Don't know, not weighed
Gym-type exercise: Treadmill today but first time for 3 days (30 mins)
Alcohol consumed: Bottle of strawberry cider
Chocolate consumed: none - today anyway
Other bad stuff: nothing to speak of - again today anyway

I haven't posted for three days and in that time I've eaten bad stuff, drunk alcohol, haven't walked to work and haven't been on the treadmill. I think guilt kept me away from here.

I've worked too hard on MAC stuff in the warehouse and have left myself the evenings to catch up on my proper job, both for MAC and Printable Heaven. Knackered.

The scales will be well, interesting tomorrow - might be difficult to admit!

This week should be back to a more normal routine again and I will post here more, eat better and do more exercise - that's the theory anyway!