Teddy Bear Tales

I've just completed my next Printable Heaven Set, Mono Christmas, which Andy is just putting the finishing touches on. Sigh of relief! Will start the next one Monday but that gives me the weekend to go looking around for pleasing images, which I love doing.

I just found some lovely teddy images from a book called Mother Goose's Teddy Bears from 1907.

All of the pics in the book have a little poem that goes with them:-

She went to the ale-house
to get him some beer
but when she came back
Ted sat in a chair

She went to the barbers
to buy him a wig
but when she came back
he was dancing a jig

She went to the cobblers
to buy him some shoes
but when she came back
he was reading the news

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Little teddy wants to play!

And love this one:-

Multiplication is vexation
2 x 2 = ?
Division is as bad
6 / 2 = ?
The rule of three perplexes me
3 x 3 = ?
And practice drives me mad

This last one would be great for a teacher's card on the last day of school or at Christmas. Must do that one....


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