A woman's relationship with chocolate

Height 5'7"
Weight: 10st 6lb doing nothing must help!
Woke up: with backache as usual
Drugs consumed: battled on through today
Walk to work: no, raining too much
Gym-type exercise: none
Alcohol consumed: none
Chocolate consumed: none (still!)
Other bad stuff: what was left of my daughter's chocolate cake desert at Nandos

It seems a miracle but I've done no real exercise for days and weigh less. I don't advocate doing nothing at all but sometimes perhaps it helps! Or perhaps all the calories burned have been from lifting and dragging boxes around at work and being on my feet all day - probably. Whatever the reason, it's good and my jeans don't feel as tight as they did a couple of weeks ago.

And what's more, I think my relationship with chocolate has come to an end. What a habit that is. I was probably having chocolate nearly every day at work. We have a chocolate machine, terrible thing, it was left from when we briefly had a shop. I thought we'd get it taken away after the shop closed but the staff had fallen in love with it by then and it stayed. Unfortunately it's about 20 feet from where I sit.

I'd gotten into the habit of eating lunch, then having a bar of chocolate. Only took a few days and now I eat my lunch and don't start salivating at the thought of that delicious devil-food.

Bad habit. I'm sure many of us have got habits like this - you think you're hungry because you're used to having something at a certain time. Turns out you're not hungry at all, it's just you're brain telling you that you usually have something at that time and therefore it expects it. Don't fall for it, you don't need it!

I just had a look round for some chocolate-related pics and came up with this one:-

This is a poster for the Federal Music Project presentation of "The Chocolate Soldier" at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, California. Pretty colours!