Wounded soldier!

For the last few days I've been looking for a picture of someone with a sling - reason? My nearest and dearest Andy had an operation on his shoulder last Thursday and now is complete with sling for at least the next few days.

He had the other one done just over a year ago and couldn't drive for the full 6 weeks they tell you but this time it's his left shoulder and he's left-handed so it may be a little longer.....

Unfortunately that means I'm left with all school runs, after school clubs, dancing, swimming, scouts, cubs etc etc as well as the cooking, cleaning, gardening, Christmas decoration erecting and so much more. Mustn't grumble....

I've looked everywhere to find a nice vintage picture of someone with a sling and then came across 2 at once - the old bus adage once again!

These two pics are from very early cigarette cards, can't believe how long it's taken me to find something appropriate!

Hope you appreciate it, my dear - and hope you heal soon. xxxx


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