Cute Doggies!

Hope you like our new Pets' Parade set, there are some great pictures in there, aren't there?

On the subject of dogs, I found some great pictures by an artist called Maud Earl who was an eminent canine artist in the first half of the 20th century.

Here is some of her work:-

The one with the dog coming through the 'dog-flap' makes me laugh as I heard a story a few years ago from the people we got kittens from (still have one of them, now 18!)

They also had a dog who they'd had from a puppy, who used to go through the catflap until he got that bit too big for it. One day he decided to chase one of the cats who, sensible as it was, went flying through the catflap. The dog decided to follow but he'd had one too many tins of Pedigree Chum by then and he got stuck by the belly in the catflap. In a panic he struggled until the whole door panel came out of the door, and he went running into the garden with half a door stuck round his middle!

Dogs, eh! Lovable - but stupid!


  1. Sandie, i'm trying to find pictures of jack russells, do you have any ideas that are copyright free ?

  2. I don't recall seeing any, Chris, but I'll keep my eye out.


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