Bunny Rabbit's Diary, George F. Kerr

I like nothing more than finding a new artist or series of books that I've never heard of before. Bunny Rabbit's Diary and its artist, George F. Kerr, is one of those.

George F. Kerr (1869 - 1953) was an American artist who was well known for his children's book illustrations, perhaps most notably for L. Frank Baum's American Fairy Tale. L. Frank Baum, by the way, was the creator of the Oz series of books, that Christmas favourite The Wizard of Oz, of course being the most famous.

These pictures are from a lovely 1915 book entitled Bunny Rabbit's Diary by Mary Francis Blaisdell.

I usually associate pictures in this style with those of a much later date, such is the quality of George Kerr's work.

I'm sure I'll incorporate these into something on PH at some time in the future.