Social History and Ads

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This blog is mainly about old pictures, my passion, with a bit of real life thrown in. Hope you like it.

In the last year or so, since discovering that there is a vast wealth of out of copyright pictures out there, I've completely fallen in love with illustration.

Book illustrations have been my main source of inspiration - I love Victorian chromolithographs particularly, but my biggest love is advertising. Anything with words, in fact.

This picture is from a 1930 swimming pool equipment catalogue. I think it's often the fonts as well as the pictures that make me love stuff like this - plus the social history. When you stop and think about how things have developed over the years and how tastes and requirements have changed, it's fascinating.

This picture is from a 1913 seed catalogue - this one would be perfect in a frame in a conservatory or garden room with a few pots of geraniums flowering below it.....

Magazine and book covers, posters, adverts, product packaging and more are wonderful for both history and art, well worth rummaging around book shops, boot sale and flea markets for.


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