Vintage Pharmacy products

It's a snowy day here in Essex but I'm sitting cosily with my cup of tea and some cheese and biscuits quite happily!

I came across these great pictures from Jaynes' 1898 Price List of Drug Store Goods today:-

Balsam of Tar - claims that it's a certain cure for ALL diseases of the throat and lungs. Mmmm - if that were the case, how come it's not still in production today?

Two strange things for a chemist to sell - cigars and chocolates.  I'm not sure you'd find these in chemists of today!

And this one features a bottle of Bay Rum - for medicinal purposes of course!!

And I thought I'd throw this one in although it's not from the same catalogue.  You could print this one and make up your own fake poison bottle, perhaps as part of a fancy dress costume or for interesting home decoration.