Familiar London by Rose Maynard Barton

Where I live in Southend-on-Sea, it's just a stone's throw away from London and I worked there for many years.  I must admit that I never appreciated the beauty and history of London when I saw it every day but now a few years have gone past, I must admit to loving London whenever I get the chance to go.

Rose Maynard Barton (1856-1929) was an Anglo-Irish watercolourist who painted landscapes, street scenes, gardens and child portraits of the townscapes of Britain and Ireland.

These pictures are from a 1904 book entitled Familiar London.

It's interesting that nearly all of the pictures that include monuments are shown in the rain! Typical London rain or is it just that rain creates interesting reflections that suit watercolour painting nicely?  The pictures of children are sunny and flowery which make them appear happy.

A nice little collection, and there are loads more in this book.

And as Rose Barton died in 1929, these pictures are out of copyright and can therefore be used in whatever way you please, so feel free to use them in your projects.  Have fun!