Friday, 1 June 2012

Gone to the Movies

I've had lots of fun in the last week coming up with ideas for mini sweets for our new Gone to the Movies set.

It's a shame they're a bit hard to see - take a good look at the cards in the middle at the back of the picture here to see mini liquorice allsorts, fudge and, my favourite - mini jazzies (the chocolate drops with the hundreds and thousands on).

You can see the full set at

Together with our mini sweetie bags and, of course, the movie posters you can create the whole cinematic experience on a card with this set!

We've even come up with a mini popcorn box, soft drinks cup and some fantastic cinema tickets.

There's a background to download right now, absolutely FREE - so take a look and get your creative juices flowing on this long (and hopefully sunny?!) weekend.  Have a good one!

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