Vintage Fashion Images

About a week and a half ago I decided that I should write this blog far more than I do, that I should be looking for vintage images and bringing you interesting little titbits on an (almost) daily basis.  Just after I decided that, we went on holiday for a week........

But now we're back from a week in Cornwall that brought rain, wind, a little sunshine (together with sunburn!) and a huge bruise, I'll try my best to write this more often.  So far so good.......

These pictures are from a 1910 French fashion publication entitled Les Createurs de la Mode.  They are all signed A. Jungbluth who is, as far as I have established, Alfred Jungbluth who lived from 1865 until 1914.

Those of you who are aware of the copyright rules will therefore quickly be aware that this means that these delightful pictures are therefore out of copyright and can therefore be used for whatever you like.

There are more of these pictures in the publication that I will put up here over the next few days.  Hope you like them.



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