Images of London

I've been listening to Jamie Cullum this morning while I've been working and his song 'London Skies' got me thinking of images of London.

I've blogged before about London, covering the beautiful pictures of Rose Barton and Herbert Marshall but this time they're by another artist called Nelson Dawson.

Nelson Ethelred Dawson (1859-1941) was a member of the Arts & Crafts movement who was born in Lincolnshire and later moved to London.  Here are some of his pictures from a book called A Wanderer in London from 1906.

It's funny, I worked in London for 12 years but it was all lost on me then.  Now I love the wonderful old buildings and the history of it all.  Must go for a visit soon.....


  1. i aggree sandie.i love all the old buildings and it also makes me want to go and visit.


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