Egypt and excuses........

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't blogged since January - and it's incredibly June already!

So many things have got in the way this year, so much so that I've only really had time to work and not to 'chat'.  

The biggest thing was no doubt the arrival, and then 'departure' of my father-in-law.  He moved in with us in January as ill-health was getting the better of him but, bless him, he was still working as a printer at the age of 84!  His first few weeks with us was fine - he was still cooking his own meals and more or less looking after himself but early February he was admitted to hospital with stomach pains, only to find that his cancer had spread to his liver.

After that he got progressively worse and needed much more care, the sort that only carers of the elderly will appreciate (!), until he finally passed away in April.

After our experiences, I admire and empathise with those who are long term carers, not an easy task at all.

Work on Printable Heaven continues though, we have to feed our ever-growing offspring somehow (that's height, not quantity of before anyone gets the wrong idea!).  

I've been loving compiling our Public Domain Image Library discs - the thrill of discovering old pictures that I know will be of interest to our customers is fabulous. Just last night I came across an old book of nearly 100 tartans that I can do so much with......

My latest completed compilations, however, have been on the subject of Egypt.  I think these will be such a great resource for primary-school teachers, the pictures are simply stunning.

This picture is by Howard Carter himself, who discovered Tutenkhamun's tomb in 1922.  I didn't know he was an artist too, I learn so much when I look for and find old pictures.

We have two new public domain image DVDs on the subject of Egypt (as I found so many pictures, they didn't fit onto one!).  Fascinating subject - take a look at