Hottest Day in the UK - FREE public domain beach picture

Despite the title of the post, it's not today - well not yet anyway.  It's a shame the weather wasn't a bit kinder to us last weekend when we went camping and our tent was starting to collapse under the strength of the wind...... But I digress........

Apparently the hottest day ever recorded in the UK was on this day, 10th August in 2003 in Gravesend, Kent.

Absolutely no relevance to this apart from as a pre-cursor to put up a nice beachy picture which, incidently, is in France and not Kent at all.....

Nice picture though - by William Horton (1865-1936).  As he died in 1936, the picture is therefore out of copyright and you can use it for anything you like!

It's taken from a French magazine, L'Art et les Artistes from 1909 - I had trouble with the picture title at first as it's 'Guignol sur la Plage' which translates as 'Horn on the Beach', slightly strange! Guignol, however, is Punch (of Punch & Judy), no doubt because of the shape of his hat.

You learn something new every day!