Out of Copyright Poems

I've been researching poetry in the last few days, rather than my normal pictures, in order to put together some collections that are suitable for use on cards or at funerals etc.  I must say that some of the sympathy/bereavement-type poems have had me filling up at times and taken me to another place completely!

Although I've been really looking for either Christmas or death-related poetry, I've come across a few other nice pieces in my travels.

This one rather struck me - it's called 'While Cigarettes to Ashes Turn' by James Whitcomb Riley.  Now I hate smoking and everything smoking-related and it's all got pretty unfashionable these days, but there's something rather poetic and dramatic about this one.  See what you think (you'll probably have to click on it to be able to read the words).

I can just imagine a dramatic piece being performed to this, such as a part of a musical play or music video.  The words could even be song lyrics!