Kate Greenaway

We're well and truly back into work now after our late summer trip to Poland (if anyone guess from the last post).  Krakow was brilliant, lovely cheap meals and drinks.  We also went to Auschwitz, which was shocking to say the least.  So glad I went, but shocked at what went on there.  I've been shocked also at the Nairobi shopping mall shooting at the weekend but don't get me started - I'll never get off my soapbox.

I was stunned the other day, but not quite in the same way, when I was researching pictures for our new Kate Greenaway disc.  I'd grown up knowing the name Kate Greenaway, just as I was pretty familiar with the name Louis Wain, so we must have had books as children with pictures by both of these artists.

What surprised me though, was coming across this picture:-

My mum, just before she died in 1992, was working on an embroidery (her favourite pastime) for me. 

She showed me the picture, an embroidery that she really wanted to do because she said she thought of it as being my two sisters and I (I'd be the blonde one at the front on the left). I really liked the picture but told  her that blue didn't match our house (I had a nice purple velour three-piece suite at the time!) so I asked if she could do it with purple threads instead of blue, which she duly did.

When she died, she hadn't finished the embroidery so my step-dad got someone else to finish it and gave it to me as a wedding present later that year (first marriage, didn't last!).

The picture still hangs in our bedroom today, but I had no idea that it was from an original illustration or who that illustration was by.

I was therefore pretty taken aback to turn a page in a Kate Greenaway book and see this picture facing me!

Therefore as a little tribute to my mum, her brilliant embroidery skills and my two sisters Chris & Kim, you can use this picture in your own work for whatever you want to.  

It's uncompressed and ready to copy - and it's out of copyright.  Have fun with it!

You can buy our new Kate Greenaway public domain image DVD at http://www.printableheaven.com/products/DVD-%252d-Kate-Greenaway.html


  1. thank you so much for sharing, not only the image, but the lovely story from your family as well. makes it all the more special. :)


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