Oscar Wilde & Aubrey Beardsley

Doh!  I've already blogged today and I've just seen that it's the anniversary of Oscar Wilde's birthday, which immediately led me to Aubrey Beardsley - and I can't miss an opportunity to show some of his work!

Wilde and Beardsley had somewhat of an antagonistic relationship - I'd always thought that they must have been lovers but I can't see any evidence of that.

I didn't realise that the Picture of Dorian Gray was Oscar Wilde's only novel.  I remember watching the black and white film when I was a child and I think it freaked me out a bit - its macabre story has certainly stayed with me over the years.

This last Aubrey Beardsley picture is for Oscar Wilde's play Salome.  Some of his pen and ink work is just as macabre as Oscar Wilde's plays!