Monday & Poland

Well it's the start of the week again, my first 'proper' day of getting stuck into work after our little trip to Poland last week.

Krakow was great as usual (we went last year), plenty of flavoured vodka consumed and lovely food eaten - great up until the point that our friend discovered he'd lost his wallet or, perhaps, had it stolen.  That kinda put a damper on the whole thing but at least it was on the last day so it wasn't all spoilt!

Last year we went to Auschwitz and this year to Schindler's factory, both sad reminders of times past. Now I'm somewhat back to reality having added a few new products to the website this morning (Christmas ones), I've done a few outgoing orders and now I'm about to get stuck back into designs for our forthcoming Origami Christmas CD.... it's a labour of love!

Last year I think I blogged with a few pictures of picturesque Poland after our Krakow trip.  Heaven forbid I repeat myself, so here's some pictures of Polish dancing instead.... and this isn't how we looked after all that beautiful Polish vodka by the way (or is it?!).