American History

My 'big' project at the moment is working on an origami Christmas DVD for the website, as usual a labour of love where some days I'm focused and some.... well I'm just not!

I think I'll be more together from tomorrow onwards when both of my children are back at school, well I hope so anyway..... although I have decided that my job is far too sedentary and I should walk every day for at least half an hour to the post office.  And pick blackberries.... and go swimming.  More digressions from Origami Christmas methinks....

One of my 'sidetrack' days led me into looking at American history as I fancied putting together a product for another site that I produce for, Teachers Pay Teachers (  This is a site where teachers (and publishers) upload products they've made that will assist with lessons and school work - a way to not 'waste' the lesson-plan you've worked on, but to share it with other teachers in order to make a little extra.

I've got quite a lot on there, lots of discs and graphics collections ( including the one I put on yesterday - A Timeline of American History.

This isn't something that I think will make it onto Printable Heaven as it's not really the right kind of market for it but I'm hoping it will do well on TPT.

And in the true spirit of vintage, all the pictures included in the collection (all 85 of them!) come from an out of copyright American History children's book.  Here are just 3 of them (lots of Brownie points if you can name the event depicted!).

You can see the collection here.