Origami Christmas

I'm relieved, proud, chuffed, worn-out and all sorts of other words to describe the fact that I've finally finished 'Origami Christmas'!

We had plenty of discussion beforehand to decide whether it should be in the form of a series of card kits but finally decided that a DVD was best.  That way we could include different colour choices for the same items together with matching backgrounds etc.

I'm pretty pleased with the results especially because, while a few of the origami concepts are tried and tested, for 2 or 3 of them I worked out the origami-folding myself!

All of the printed bits are of course our own design.  Much of the printing makes it extremely easy to work out where to fold it (and which way up to have the paper!), and where it doesn't we've provided guidelines to make folding pretty fool-proof.

Which is my favourite?  So difficult.... My OH likes the penguins best....

While I like the stars.... they're kind of sophisticated (but tricky to fold!).

But the snowman and robin are really cute - and really easy to fold....

The Santa is great for the young ones.... although I can think of some older ones that would like him too!

Had my nan still been with us she'd have loved this poinsettia.

It's been a pleasure working on all of the origami ideas so I hope you like them.

There are printable folding diagrams included on the disc which are pretty easy to follow but if you need more help, we have step-by-step photos on the website to make it really easy-peasy.

To take a look at all the card projects you can make, go to www.printableheaven.com

Origami Christmas DVD available now at the special introductory price of £9.99.


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