A return to glorious Art Nouveau (FREE picture)

We've finally had a bit of a slow-down in the orders for the Debbi Moore Santa Claus box (not that I'm complaining!) so I'm actually able to turn my mind back to Art Nouveau again.

This is the image that features on the box image of our Art Nouveau DVD.  This is by Paul Berthon who lived from 1872-1909.  No age, is it?

I love this image, beautiful - I think the style of the lady is just gorgeous, very 'of the age' but she also has a touch of medieval about her which reminds me very much of Pre-Raphaelite art (which I love). 

There's another Paul Berthon image on our DVD which I have on my lounge wall which I think has even more of the medieval style about it.

In honour of my little trip into Art Nouveau, I've put together an offer for both this DVD and our Art Deco fashion disc for just £9.99.  Fabulous images, love 'em!  You can see our offer here.


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