British Art Nouveau with FREE Aubrey Beardsley picture

As I said yesterday, Art Nouveau isn't just about French Art Nouveau, which is what would spring to mind for most people.

British Art Nouveau was a lot less ornate - it was 'new art' because it was different from what had come before.  Art had perhaps always been heavy oil paintings with lots of dark colours before the rise of movements such as Impressionism - Art Nouveau was yet another new style which was modern, fresh and exciting.

I'm a big fan of Aubrey Beardsley's work although there isn't a great deal of it, especially not in colour, as he died at the very young age of just 25 of TB.

If I had a room with yellow accents, this would be straight in a frame and up on the wall - shame!  Actually, my study is just plain white with a wood floor - I could do it.... must go, something to do!

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