Debbi Moore's Santa Claus Inspiration in a Box

Even the best-laid plans get thwarted sometimes, but for a good reason this time.... 

There I was on a cheeky little Art Nouveau trip when Debbi Moore's Santa Claus Inspiration in a Box suddenly landed on us.  Much as I love walking the art history trail, stuffing envelopes with Debbi Moore's tasty offering has got in the way!

Before I go back to Art Nouveau, just a little bit about this lovely craft tidbit first....

Lovely product - don't know how she manages to do it so cheaply!  Lovely glossy magazine complete with TWO CDs - all the stuff to print on one whilst the other contains project videos so you can see exactly how to create all the projects.  The magazine already contains all the papers you need to create the cards, the CD gives you all the stuff again to print as many times as you want.

You also get metallic card, additional A4 papers, ribbons and gems, die-cut toppers and tissue paper, all for just £9.99!

We've sold so many of these it's unbelievable!  But we knew we would.... the Shabby Chic Cottage Garden Inspiration in a Box has already been a best-selling product so we knew the Santa one would be a winner!

Sad thing is, this one is a Limited Edition and once our stock's gone, that will be it. Shame, but that means you've just gotta get a move on!

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