Art Nouveau Stained Glass Windows with Mackintosh-style designs and FREE pictures

Craft supplies and parcels have filled my time lately and I've been sadly parted with the beautiful images of the past that I so love - until now anyway!

In the last few weeks I've managed again to go digging in old books where I'm always delighted to find gorgeous, usable images that take me back in time whilst I work on bringing them back into the present day where they can be used and enjoyed once more.

These images definitely won't disappoint - sumptuous watercolour images of stained glass windows from the Art Nouveau period.  Many of them are in Mackintosh style which is so 'in' at the moment.  Take a look.....

These are just 3 of 460 gorgeous stained glass elements that appear on our Art Nouveau Stained Glass Designs public domain DVD.  You'll be able to take any of the images on our DVD and make them into any product you like, either for personal use or for sale.  Yes, for sale - COMMERCIAL USE IS FINE!

Just click on the link and you will see loads more examples of all the images on this disc - just think of what you could make with these fantastic images!

If you missed it here's the link again - Out of Copyright Art Nouveau Stained Glass Designs