Cats & Dogs DVD - now over 700 images to use for anything!

I've recently set myself the task of revamping all of our public domain discs by adding new pictures and making the discs a bit prettier.  I think progress will be slow as we now have 65 or so public domain titles but it will be worth it in the end!

Cats & Dogs is the first to get the treatment as this has always been one of our best-sellers and it's been a pleasure looking for new pictures to add.

This forlorn little fellow is by Randolph Caldecott, one of the original pictures from the disc. Cute isn't he!

Not all of our cats and dogs are quite as sad as this one - this happier pairing is by Hugo von Hofsten, who also illustrated one of the many Alice in Wonderland early editions.

There are now pictures on the disc from as early as 1850 right through to the 1920s and beyond so there's plenty for all tastes.  This hand-coloured engraving is by Harrison Weir from A Treasury of Pleasure books (1850).  What a gorgeous, scruffy little mite he is!

We do have cats too....

This one's by prolific animal artist Lilian Cheviot.  There are 15 lovely pictures by her on the DVD.  And talking of DVDs, this is how our revamped version looks now:-

You can see loads more pictures on the website and read about all the artists that feature on the disc so pop over now and take a look - Cats & Dogs public domain images.