World War I Images with FREE pictures

I love getting immersed in new public domain discs and this World War I disc has been no exception.

It's been a regret of mine that I never studied O-level (as was back then!) history as I know it's then that I would have learnt about the world wars, something I've longed to know more about.

Getting stuck into this one has certainly taught me a few things that I hope I can now retain!

This public domain disc features pictures from many aspects of the First World War from military personnel, recruitment posters, ships, planes, wartime pin-ups, sheet music covers through to war-time recipes.

As per usual, you can re-use and republish any of the pictures in any way you like as the copyright has now expired.  Your own use, commercial use or educational use - all are absolutely fine!

I love posters, especially posters with words - plenty of them here!  This one makes me smile:-

I love these plane images too:-

We've even included some fab war-time recipes:-

There's over 600 images on this DVD - I've loved every minute of compiling it so please swing by the website and have a good look - loads more pictures on there.  Remember, you can use them in any way you like so take a look now - World War I pictures


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