New Victorian children public domain DVD

I have very fond memories from when I was young of being in my nan's garden, surrounded by pretty flowers and making daisy chains on her lawn.  She had a huge, long garden divided into 3 sections by trellis arches that had climbing roses growing over them.  

A rambling country house it was not - it was a council house that just happened to have a lovely garden but I have been taken back there whilst gathering pictures for our latest public domain DVD, Victorian children.  And, by the way, I wasn't a Victorian child - much younger than that!

There are over 600 colour images on this DVD that you can use for anything at all, even commercial use is absolutely fine!  Here are some of them:-

The DVD features pictures by Helen Allingham, Myles Birket Foster, John Sowerby, Rose Barton, Bessie Collins Pease, Jessie Willcox Smith, Ida Waugh, Maud Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart's mum) and loads more.  There are many Victorian chromolithographs including those from Nister/Dutton children's books by artists such as Harriet Bennet and Lizzie Lawson too.  Quite a few Christmas images included as well - great for making Christmas cards.

Use these pictures to make prints, postcards, greetings cards, decoupage, packaging, for mugs, mousemats and promotional items and loads more!

Click to look now - Victorian children.



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