Thursday, 28 April 2011

Old friends

Friends are a precious commodity so to have been out of touch with good friends for many years, and then to have found them again was a fantastic thing.

I've been saddened this morning though to find that one of them isn't 'allowed' to join us all again by her other half. The group is a mixture of guys and girls (mostly guys) and her relationship is fairly new so it's perhaps a little understandable but nonetheless I feel pretty upset that we won't see her.

I went looking for pictures of 'friends' and found one immediately with a very appropriate caption for the situation.

I was going to blog today anyway with a completely different subject so I'll save that one for next time. Just going for a little sob now.....

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lovely Sheet Music

We went to see an old friend play a little gig last night. I say little gig 'cos it was upstairs at a bit of a grotty pub mostly frequented by Southend United supporters on match days.

It was an open mic night although my friend was a booked act (he played keyboard with a singer singing).

After smirking our way through the first act or two, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my friend's act. Great singer, great keyboard playing, really really good.

Thus the theme of today's blog is music. Sheet music from the early 20th century was certainly more attractive than it is today - there are loads of beautifully designed covers online. Check out the New York Public Library digital image collection amongst others if you're interested in these.

Here's a selection:-

And a few more:-

Great aren't they - and this is just a small selection from thousands available on the NYPL website. Keep you busy for hours!