Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vintage Mangles and Carpet Sweepers

As promised last time, here are those gorgeous pictures of 'household necessities' I was telling you about:-

These are all from a 1910 catalogue for C.F. Adams Company (Pennsylvania).

What a marvellous bit of social history!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Ladies of Leisure

Our new Ladies of Leisure set on has already had a great reception so I thought I'd show you a few more pictures in the same vain.

A couple of the pics in this set came from a vintage tile catalogue from 1921, Home Suggestions from the Associated Tile Manufacturers in Pennsylvania.  You can probably guess which of the images in this set came from here - the tiles in the background are a real give-away!

As usual, it doesn't mean they're not lovely pictures because they are - as I've said before, catalogues for products were often beautifully illustrated back then with proper drawings and paintings rather than photographs.  On this subject, I must really publish some pictures of mangles and household equipment I found in a catalogue a while back - next time.

Digressing as I often do......  Here are the tile catalogue pictures:-

Lovely, aren't they?  I especially like the last one - very summery and beautiful.  And the guy in the housecoat is very Noel Coward.

Carpet-sweepers and mangles next time!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Vintage Pharmacy products

It's a snowy day here in Essex but I'm sitting cosily with my cup of tea and some cheese and biscuits quite happily!

I came across these great pictures from Jaynes' 1898 Price List of Drug Store Goods today:-

Balsam of Tar - claims that it's a certain cure for ALL diseases of the throat and lungs. Mmmm - if that were the case, how come it's not still in production today?

Two strange things for a chemist to sell - cigars and chocolates.  I'm not sure you'd find these in chemists of today!

And this one features a bottle of Bay Rum - for medicinal purposes of course!!

And I thought I'd throw this one in although it's not from the same catalogue.  You could print this one and make up your own fake poison bottle, perhaps as part of a fancy dress costume or for interesting home decoration.