Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New Victorian children public domain DVD

I have very fond memories from when I was young of being in my nan's garden, surrounded by pretty flowers and making daisy chains on her lawn.  She had a huge, long garden divided into 3 sections by trellis arches that had climbing roses growing over them.  

A rambling country house it was not - it was a council house that just happened to have a lovely garden but I have been taken back there whilst gathering pictures for our latest public domain DVD, Victorian children.  And, by the way, I wasn't a Victorian child - much younger than that!

There are over 600 colour images on this DVD that you can use for anything at all, even commercial use is absolutely fine!  Here are some of them:-

The DVD features pictures by Helen Allingham, Myles Birket Foster, John Sowerby, Rose Barton, Bessie Collins Pease, Jessie Willcox Smith, Ida Waugh, Maud Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart's mum) and loads more.  There are many Victorian chromolithographs including those from Nister/Dutton children's books by artists such as Harriet Bennet and Lizzie Lawson too.  Quite a few Christmas images included as well - great for making Christmas cards.

Use these pictures to make prints, postcards, greetings cards, decoupage, packaging, for mugs, mousemats and promotional items and loads more!

Click to look now - Victorian children.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Gilbert Holliday

I paid a visit to my favourite little Mencap charity bookshop today.  Almost invariably when I go there I come back with something old and interesting (at a bargain price!) so I'm always filled with anticipation when I go.  I'm like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to old books!

Today was no exception.... My best find was a lovely old book called Hunter's Moon which is full of poems and with pictures by Gilbert Holliday (1879-1937).  There seems to be a variation in the spelling of his surname by the way - it has two 'l's in Holliday on my book but internet searches show it with just one.

The book isn't dated although one of my internet searches gives it a date of 1930 although I would have said it's earlier than that but who knows!  It's on a hunting theme - not necessarily politically correct but I only look at the pictures!

This one's called 'Best of All' and shows this horse in all of its galloping glory - just wonderful.

This one's called 'Ware wire' which perhaps means beware of the wire?  Not quite sure, but again the horses are beautifully captured.

This book has 8 colour prints all together and cost me the brilliant price of just £2.... I love that shop!  I also managed to buy a 1950s book 'British Romantic Artists' for the princely sum of 50p and a re-print of the Life and Works of Birket Foster, someone who I've been researching in the last couple of weeks so that was a real bonus.

Those books made me happy and I also made my daughter happy by getting her 'Gone Girl' for £1 - something she's been saying she wanted over the last couple of weeks so I've done good today!

Shame I didn't find this book before I published our 'Horses' public domain DVD but this one's already jam-packed anyway!  If you want lots more out of copyright horse images to use for anything, take a look at our fab Horses DVD here.