Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Howard Chandler Christy

As our Age of Romance set is now finished and live on Printable Heaven, I thought I'd tell you a bit more about Howard Chandler Christy who is the artist responsible for all of the pictures in the set.

(From Wikipedia):-
Howard Chandler Christy (January 10, 1873 – March 3, 1952) was an American artist and illustrator famous for the "Christy Girl", similar to a "Gibson Girl".

He first attracted attention with his illustrations of the Spanish-American War, published in Scribner's and Harper's magazines and in Collier's Weekly, gaining especial prominence with the series, "Men of the Army and Navy," and a portrait of Colonel Roosevelt. He was best known, however, for his charming illustrations of the works of such authors as Richard Harding Davis and he created a picturesque and romantic type of society women peculiarly his own. His work is characterized by great facility, a dashing but not exaggerated style, and a strong sense of values.

In 1940 he painted the Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States, which was installed in the House of Representatives wing in the Capitol building. Some of his work is on display at New York City restaurant Café des Artistes.

I love the romance of his work, the flowing hair, rosy cheeks and elegant style - a far cry from life today....

Monday, 17 January 2011

Frankly my dear......

Since we did the Art Deco set at the very end of last year, I've been very non-vintage. Mixing it up seems to be a good thing though as both the Beautiful Baby set and the Lance & Lucy set have sold very well.

If you haven't seen either of these, here's a sneak peak from the Beautiful Babies set:-

....and from the Lance and Lucy set:-

Since these two sets I've started on a new vintage set entitled 'The Age of Romance' which features ladies in frilly dresses and courters with roses and the like. I can't help thinking of the film 'Gone with the Wind' as I've been doing it as one image in particular reminds me of it, a picture I've now called 'Frankly my dear.....'

Perhaps you can see what I mean! And if you haven't seen the film, shame on you, it's a classic. My nearest and dearest hasn't seen it so maybe it's a girl-thing but definitely one to see before you die.